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Sister U Matter!

Welcome 2021!

by B.C. Raines on 01/03/21

Well Sisters, We made it! 2021 is here. We are at the beginning of this new year.

I declare that this year is full of peace, healing and prosperity in all areas of our lives. Sisters, forward movement only in 2021. Regardless of what it looks like, always remember…Sister U Matter!

-B.C. Raines

Are We Being The Change We Want To See?

by B.C. Raines on 06/03/20

Repost: I posted this one a few years ago but thought it was very timely for all that is currently going on in our communities, country and world.

Are We Being The Change We Want To See?

I recently overheard a conversation between two ladies. One lady was complaining about her chaotic work environment, it was not peaceful or unified. She was saying that the place was chaotic before she started working there (she was a new employee) and she hoped that the next place she worked would be at the very least, peaceful.

After hearing this exchange, I began to wonder what had she done to influence peace in her current new work environment. Had she participated in activities that did not promote peace or unity? Had she developed relationships with the peace breakers? Had she been secretly speaking negatively about any of the co-workers with the other co-workers (you know, talking behind their backs)? If so, none of these activities were promoting peace. They were only maintaining and even encouraging the already chaotic, non-peaceful and un-unified environment.

Sisters, are we being the change we want to see? You know we women are change agents, right? We possess so much unrealized influence and authority. We are the thermostats in the room and we are not even aware of it. If we want peace in our environments, we have to be peaceful. If we don’t want to be a part of the chaos that is around us, we have to choose to not be just that. And trust me, mess makers can’t mingle (even if they try) with peace makers. Like the old saying goes, oil and water don’t mix. My observation: the oil will always rise to the top.

Sisters, we are the heart of the home. We are the fine details in the big plan. We are the change agents. I encourage you to embrace and exercise your authority and influence in any situation. Check yourself to see how you may be impacting your situation, environment, or circumstance. Are you being the change you want to see? If not, the change starts with you.

Remember, Sister U Matter!®

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

by B.C. Raines on 05/27/20

Everything! Love has everything to do with it. Love colors how I view and treat myself as well as how I view and treat others. My love for others is displayed in every facet of my life: my thoughts, my words and my actions.

In our world today, we are witnessing a lot of not so loving gestures, words and acts. It seems like everyday there is a new report of some act of malice, hate or violence: senseless murders, bogus and heinous allegations, vicious attacks, hateful rhetoric and just a blatant disregard for life and the human spirit.

I challenge each of us to keep fighting these not so loving moments with love remembering that only love covers and conquers all. Only love! We will never overcome evil with evil; only love can overwhelm evil. Love has everything to do with it!

Remember, now more than ever…Sister U Matter!®

That B Word

by B.C. Raines on 05/20/20


Sisters, sometimes life can just be unfair. It can be full of twists, turns and unexpected trials. Life isn’t bad all the time but when not-so-good things happen to us, it sure does feel bad; sometimes really bad-- like we’re at our worse point ever in life.

So, when we find ourselves in these places, what do we do? Do we react or respond? How does the bad, that B word, affect our lives? We make a ‘that B word’ choice: bitter or better. Yes, Sisters, we can decide how will we handle the adverse situations in our lives.

We can focus on the all of the I’s associated with the situation…I hurt. I was betrayed. I was humiliated. I was mistreated, etc. and when we focus on the I’s, that means we have chosen…bitter. Bitter keeps us stuck and stagnated in our emotions and our thinking. But we can also focus on the E in the situation. How can this elevate me? What lessons can I learn from this? How can this situation make me better? Focusing on better helps heal and move forward in spite of the not-so-good. Do you see the difference?

That B word—what’s yours? Bitter or Better?

Always remember…Sister U Matter!®

Thank You

by B.C. Raines on 05/06/20

Thank you for just being you and for being a part of my life. It seems like people that we love or that we are connected to are leaving this world every day. I have read many tributes from loved ones to those who have passed and it is obvious that the person’s passing left a hole.

With that in mind, I want you to know that I thank you and appreciate each and every one of you. I encourage you to tell the people in your life the same. Let them know now while they can savor it and hear it straight from you.

Spread the word…Sister U Matter!®

B.C. Raines