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Sister U Matter!

Dress in Blue Day

by B.C. Raines on 02/28/19

Dress in Blue Day

Friday, March 1, 2019 is Dress in Blue Day. What is Dress in Blue Day?  By wearing blue, you bring awareness to colorectal cancer and honor all who have been impacted by this disease. 


Don’t Assume

“Don’t Assume” is the Colorectal Cancer Alliance’s 2019 National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month public awareness campaign. The goal is to challenge assumptions and misconceptions about colorectal cancer by dispelling myths, raising awareness, and connecting people across the country with information and support.

For more information, click:

Feeling Some Kinda Way

by B.C. Raines on 02/15/19

Well, it’s the day after Valentine’s Day. Did you receive all that you thought you would? Or are you feeling some kinda way today? I want to remind you that you are still valuable and lovable even if you didn’t receive all that you thought you would or should have. I say all the time that our self-worth is inappropriately all tangled up with the material stuff and a lot of times, the approval of and/or recognition by others.

So, you didn’t receive the flowers? The chocolate? The card? It doesn’t mean you don’t deserve them or that you are not lovable. Not receiving these things from someone else doesn’t make you less valuable than someone who did. Your valuable is all about you loving you and knowing that your worth is more about appreciating you. If it makes you feel any better, go and buy those items for yourself (or at least one of them) and save a little money (they will be much less expensive today--smile).  

Always remember, especially today…Sister U Matter!®

Love You

by B.C. Raines on 02/08/19

You know as women, we nurture and take care of everyone; everyone, that is, except ourselves. We generally pour so much into everyone else around us that we have absolutely nothing left to give to ourselves. Today’s post is just a simple reminder: be intentional about loving you. Make it a priority. Be creative with how you love you. Schedule it. No one can love you better than you can love you.

RememberSister U Matter!®

Go Red!

by B.C. Raines on 01/31/19

February 1, 2019 is National Red Day!


Come Celebrate With Me!

by B.C. Raines on 01/10/19


Happy New Year!!!

I am celebrating a very special milestone—I refer to it as my birth date. No, it’s not the celebration of the day I physically entered into the world. (Although I make a big deal out of that day too; as a matter of fact, I celebrate the entire month-smile.)

The birth date I’m celebrating is my birth announcement to the world, on January 7, 2015, that I am an inspirational writer and speaker. I had been writing privately for years but on January 7, 2015, I formally introduced my writing to motivate, educate and inspire others.

I encourage you to come and celebrate with me. No, I’m not interested in a big party or any recognition, I want you to celebrate with me by daring to “go public” with your talents, dreams, ideas and/or goals. I have to tell you, it is very encouraging to me to know that I am exploring the depth of my writing gift. It has been very gratifying and motivating to actually view and now sell my own published work.

So again, I encourage you to celebrate with me by “going public”. I promise you won’t regret it. Hey, be sure to invite me to the “party” so I can return the favor and celebrate with you. There’s an awesome future waiting for you.

Remember...Sister U Matter!


B.C. Raines