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The Catalyst Sessions
The Catalyst is a life skills strategy series developed by founder, B. C. Raines. These small and large group sessions are customized to meet the needs of the specified audience, male and/or female and all ages. Topics include but are not limited to:​

     *Conflict Resolution      *Behavior and Consequences         *Anger Management       *Life Skills  
          *Stress Managment   *Money Management
           *Domestic Violence Awareness * Job Readiness      

Inspire. Motivate. Inform. Sister U Matter! ®
Inspirational/ Motivational Blogs

The website's Blog page features inspirational, motivational and informational blogs focusing on positive self-esteem expansion and personal and professional development for individuals and families.
Sister Talks
Real Talk. Real Issues. Sister Talks

Sister Talks in-person sessions will inspire conversation and develop skills designed to motivate self-discovery of attendees' value, worth, respect and purpose. Personal and professional development topics will vary depending on the need of the group's attendees. Topics may include but are not limited to: dressing for success, effective parenting (including single parenting), financial management, stress management and developing and maintaining a positive self image/esteem.

Due to the genuineness of the discussion in these sessions, they are geared towards same gender groups only.

Sister Talks are not professional counseling sessions and should not be considered as such. If professional mental health services are needed, please contact a licensed mental health professional.
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Inspirational Speaker
Need a little inspiration for your group or conference? Got a panel and need a panelist? The Sister U Matter!® message is available and always embraced. Consider B. C. Raines and the Sister U Matter!® experience for your next event.

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