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Sister U Matter!

I Double Dare You!

by B.C. Raines on 04/17/20

When I was growing up, my peers and I used to play the Double Dare Game. It simply was a dare (a challenge) to do or say something extreme. However, it wasn’t just any ole challenge, it was a double—a big, super duper—challenge. So, with that in mind, I want you to play the game, too.

Right now, with everything going on, some of us may be feeling anxious, fearful, scared, depressed, nervous, panic and maybe even helpless and/or hopeless. But I double dare you to find at least one positive in your life right now to focus on. I promise you that there is at least one. This may be difficult; even extreme. You may have to think long and hard to find it but that’s the object of this version of the game: to be extreme in the positive!

My personal response to the Double Dare: I am grateful that my son is home safe with me. (Now for those of you who know me personally, you KNOW how much I enjoy…ummm (clear my throat) LOVE would be a better word-- my empty nest (smile). But I am willingly give up “my space”, with all that is going on, to know he’s home and he’s safe.)

Okay enough about me, what’s yours? What’s your response to the Double Dare? (Feel free to comment at the bottom of this post. Your comment just may uplift someone else today.)

Now, I double dare you to find and focus on one positive in your life right now. I also double dare you to double dare someone else to do the same.

Spread the word…Sister U Matter!®


by B.C. Raines on 04/09/20

Hold On Pain Ends

I read this message on a local digital church sign the other day and I thought what a timely hope reminder: Hold On Pain Ends!

These are some painful times that we are living through right now. Every day the news seems to get worse and worse. A steady increase in the death toll, a dramatic increase in the unemployment rate and the number of sick growing so rapidly that it threatens to overload our health system. We suddenly find ourselves struggling in areas in our lives individually, as well as a country, that we never could have imagined just a month ago. It can be overwhelming, can’t it?

Yes, these are painful times and we will live though them. Just remember H.O.P.E: Hold On Pain Ends!

You've got this…Sister U Matter

Take Your Own Test

by B.C. Raines on 03/25/20

Sis, the reason you keep failing is because you keep looking over at her paper. Her test might be different from yours. -12/11/19 Facebook Post

I like this Facebook post. It speaks so much wisdom that can be easily missed if we don’t pay attention. At whose paper do you keep looking? Trying to figure out their moves and how they got what they have and where they are. You only see the outside but you have no idea what it took to get there or is taking to maintain. Sister, focus on your own test (life).

I have to admit that sometimes the thing that my sister-friend had-- that I thought I wanted-- wasn’t what I thought it was. It wasn’t what it appeared to be. I was in a MUCH better situation. Having what she had would have been a hot mess in my life. In all actuality, it was a hot mess in her life too she just was just making it look good to the outsiders.

Now go take your own test. You’ve got this…Sister U Matter!®

When Your Best Isn’t Enough

by B.C. Raines on 03/11/20

Have you ever been in a situation when it felt like your best just wasn’t enough? I mean you have sacrificed in ways where you really have didn’t have any more to give but you gave anyway--only to have your best not appreciated, ignored or thrown in your face. Yeah, I’ve been there, too. It makes you feel some kinda of way, doesn’t it?

Well Sister, it was STILL your best! It was the best you could do. It was the best decision based on the information that you had at the time. It was YOUR best even if no one else appreciated it, understood it or even noticed it. Someone else’s assessment of the situation doesn’t make it the truth; it’s just their opinion. Be careful not to allow someone else’s opinion outweigh your experience. Take pride in knowing that it was your very best.

Never forget…Sister U Matter!®

Spring Forward

by B.C. Raines on 03/04/20

As our clocks move forward this weekend, it reminds me that a new season is on the way. With that in mind, I encourage you to also spring forward in this season of your life. 

Were there any dreams considered during the fall and winter seasons? What idea did you ponder during these seasons?  Any business or personal goals that you’d like to reach this year? Spring is a perfect time to move forward and pursue any, if not all, of these new adventures.

Think about it…Spring is the season of new beginnings. During this season we see the return of green grass, flowers blooming, trees budding and for many, it is the return of the sun’s bright rays after the gloomy and dark skies of winter. It is also the prelude to the long awaited sunny and fun-filled days of summer.  

So, spring forward. It’s your season to move into new beginnings.

Forward movement only…Sister U Matter!®

B.C. Raines