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for Girls and Women
Sister U Matter! ®
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About the Founder
Sister U Matter!® is a movement inspired by one woman’s, B. C. Raines 'Bakeba', desire to encourage the self-discovery of girls’ and women’s worth and to remind all girls and women of their value. A reminder of our worth and of how essential we are in our homes, communities, cities, states and the world. Sister Matter!

So what qualifies me, B. C. Raines 'Bakeba', to tell you--Sister U Matter!®
I am a daughter.  I am a sister.  I am a mother. I am an aunt.
I am a co-workerI am a neighbor. I am a friend.

I sometimes feel overwhelmed with life.
I sometimes feel unappreciated.
I sometimes feel unloved.
I sometimes don’t feel good about myself.

I have been betrayed by family, friends and others.
I have also betrayed family, friends and others.
I have been mistreated.
I also have mistreated others.

I am a survivor of domestic violence.
I am a survivor of sexual assault.
I am a survivor of the consequences of my own poor life choices. 
I am a survivor of some life circumstances that were beyond my control.

I make mistakes. 
I will make more mistakes.
I am not perfect.

I am all of these statements and I have survived some unpleasant and even life altering circumstances but I realized that I still mattered to this world. I still have something to offer and I offer this: Sister Matter! ®

B. C. Raines 'Bakeba', the founder of Sister Matter!®, is an author, motivational speaker and inspirational writer. She writes inspirational articles as a hobby and enjoys inspiring others to discover their self-worth and unleashing their influence, power and authority in positive and productive ways. 

Bakeba holds a Master's degree in Counselor Education (Agency focus) and has numerous years of experience in the private and public social service and health care sectors. Her areas of expertise include organizational development and restructuring and working with youth and adults at risk of out of home placement, their families and community support agencies.

B. C. Raines, Founder 

Photo by Chasmatic Odyssey Photography
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