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The Sister U Matter!® website is a component of the Sister U Matter!® movement.  This movement was created for all women beings (girls, tweens, teens and adult women) of all ages, colors, shapes and sizes, from all walks of life in an effort to help empower us. It is designed to promote self discovery of our own value, worth, purpose and to encourage and motivate us, women beings, to embrace who we are—the carriers of life, the hearts of the matter, the details in the big plan.

Sisters, for most of us, life has not been what we desired or even imagined. It’s thrown us some curve balls; there have been ups and downs, disappointments, defeats, devastation, near death experiences as well as victories, recoveries, and successes. But Sister, I want you to remember that through it all and through all that is to come….Sister U Matter! ®

The Inspiration

The inspiration for this movement stems from the founder's frustration with the constant news of homicides, suicides, and violent acts committed towards and by women. 

Women beings just seem to have lost their “tenderness” and others seem to have lost their appreciation for us, women beings. It appears that the harder we act in our society, the more attention we gain. 

   •Girls/teens are staging fights with other girls/teens to be  broadcasted via social media. 

   •Adult women are attacking the character of other women for the next position, promotion, and/or date. 

   •Women are being and even sometimes are expecting to be misused, abused and/or demoralized in their intimate relationships. 

Women beings—girls and women-remember: 
                    Sister U Matter!®
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