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That B Word

by B.C. Raines on 05/20/20


Sisters, sometimes life can just be unfair. It can be full of twists, turns and unexpected trials. Life isn’t bad all the time but when not-so-good things happen to us, it sure does feel bad; sometimes really bad-- like we’re at our worse point ever in life.

So, when we find ourselves in these places, what do we do? Do we react or respond? How does the bad, that B word, affect our lives? We make a ‘that B word’ choice: bitter or better. Yes, Sisters, we can decide how will we handle the adverse situations in our lives.

We can focus on the all of the I’s associated with the situation…I hurt. I was betrayed. I was humiliated. I was mistreated, etc. and when we focus on the I’s, that means we have chosen…bitter. Bitter keeps us stuck and stagnated in our emotions and our thinking. But we can also focus on the E in the situation. How can this elevate me? What lessons can I learn from this? How can this situation make me better? Focusing on better helps heal and move forward in spite of the not-so-good. Do you see the difference?

That B word—what’s yours? Bitter or Better?

Always remember…Sister U Matter!®

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B.C. Raines