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Take Your Own Test

by B.C. Raines on 03/25/20

Sis, the reason you keep failing is because you keep looking over at her paper. Her test might be different from yours. -12/11/19 Facebook Post

I like this Facebook post. It speaks so much wisdom that can be easily missed if we don’t pay attention. At whose paper do you keep looking? Trying to figure out their moves and how they got what they have and where they are. You only see the outside but you have no idea what it took to get there or is taking to maintain. Sister, focus on your own test (life).

I have to admit that sometimes the thing that my sister-friend had-- that I thought I wanted-- wasn’t what I thought it was. It wasn’t what it appeared to be. I was in a MUCH better situation. Having what she had would have been a hot mess in my life. In all actuality, it was a hot mess in her life too she just was just making it look good to the outsiders.

Now go take your own test. You’ve got this…Sister U Matter!®

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B.C. Raines