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Take A Second Look

by B.C. Raines on 04/22/20

I’ve been reading a lot of social media lately and I have seen quite a few people wishing away and even regretting 2020. For most of us, 2020 has been some kinda of year and it’s just April. It seems full of challenges, crises, sudden losses, disappointments and upsets. If we think on them too long, these events can be overwhelming and even depressing.

But if we are honest and take a second look, we’ll see that 2020 has not been ALL bad. There has been some accomplishments, some wins, some successes, and even some pleasant surprises. Some of us even completed some once thought unachievable goals. Yep, those also happened in 2020!

Go ahead, take a second look!

Say it Loud…Sister U Matter!®

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B.C. Raines