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Now What?

by B.C. Raines on 02/05/20

You failed miserably. It was a huge mistake. Things just didn’t turn out the way you planned. Ever been there? Yeah, I have been there, too… actually, a time or two or three or four...

Now what?

Okay, the pregnancy wasn’t planned. The relationship failed. The people you trusted most betrayed you.

Now what?

You lied and now the lie has been exposed. You lost your only source of income. Your best friend is no longer on this Earth.

Now what?

How do I bounce back from this one, you now ask? How can I move forward? This went waaay too far this time. I’ll never recover from this.

Now what?

My suggestion: Take the next step. Make the next move. Think the next thought. For some of us that may simply be just getting out of bed. Take it! For others, it may be as complex as developing a business plan. Make the move!

Whatever your Now What?  Just move forward or step up!

Remember…Sister U Matter!®

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1. Emily Hughes said on 2/6/20 - 12:19PM
Keep it moving! Your mind,your body,keeping moving closer to God, Family, Friends, Community. Keep it moving is a guaranteed component to success and peacefulness. Great post! Got me off the porch! Lol

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B.C. Raines