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New Year! New You?

by B.C. Raines on 01/16/20

Yes, it’s a new year. It is even the beginning of a new decade. Commonly during this season, we hear "Happy New Year! Happy New You!" It sounds cute and maybe even encouraging and motivating. The new year portion is true but what about the new you? Is it true?

You see Sisters, we can’t be a “new you” if we bring in old junk into the new year. It’s simply a new year but the same old you showed up in it.

Do a self-check. Did you bring unforgiveness, bitterness, and/or negative habits into the new year? If so, I encourage you to commit to leaving those right here in this point of new year. Don’t keep carrying that toxic stuff expecting something new and better this year. It can’t happen!

Yes, it’s a new year and the new you portion is your choice. Choose wisely! New You?

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B.C. Raines