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Live Now

by B.C. Raines on 10/03/19

I attended a memorial service over the weekend. I did not know the young man personally but had heard really great things about him. (I know some of his family members well and attended to show my support.) His death was very sudden and took everyone connected to him by surprise. Family members and friends spoke so admirably about him and his life’s accomplishments. He had positively impacted and influenced so many lives. As they all spoke, there was a prevailing theme: live now!

Live now? Yep. You see, this young man (not yet 40 years old) had his whole life in front of him. He had many years of life ahead of him…so everyone thought. Life for him ended early and abruptly. Live now!

Love on your family…now!

Tell them you love them…now!

Enjoy life…now!

Pursue your dreams…now!



Sister U Matter!®

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B.C. Raines