A Self-Discovery Movement 
for Girls and Women
Sister U Matter! ®
We’re in this together
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Sister U Matter!®     P.O. Box 8022 Montgomery, AL 36110-0022     Copyright 2016
Inspire. Motivate. Inform.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.-Martin Luther King, Jr.
This movement is dedicated to Dawn and in loving memory of Mrs. Barbara M. and "Nikki".

Sister U Matter!®

Sister U Matter!®
Your influence holds the key
To setting our young queens and kings free.

Sister U Matter!®
Your anointing is divine.
It makes the world humble, mind and kind.

Sister Matter!®
Your power is healing.
It molds the vessel, keeps the broken pieces mending.

Sister Matter!®
Your mind is the seat of creativity.
It implements the details, removes the clutter and negativity.

Sister Matter!®
You encompass these qualities and so, so much more;
But Sister, first, yourself you must adore.

Sister U Matter!®
Without you, embracing you and loving you,
The world will fall apart; 
Our girls, boys, women and men will not know what to do.

Sister Matter!®
So let'€™s encourage each other every step of the way.
Together--you, me and our sisters--we can reach the end of this race.

Sister Matter!®
-B. C. Raines

Graphic source: bing.com
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Sister U Matter! ®